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Anal sex?

WIll there be an update soon?


Doing all I can for a good update.

What exactly are you supposed to do in the laser game on Android devices. Can I get a detailed tutorial

Glad to hear you're still alive!

game dead?


still active, adding stuff that might take a while since I do this after main job.

Laser training is good but it would be nice if the dev made a tutorial for some of the things on the game rather then having us go in blind as a bat and half assed


I understand the situation I'm working on an update that no longer have Minigames as a way to progress, given the many questions on how to play the laser Minigame on Discord and messages sent to a big number of people.
The conclusion was to either remove Minigames entirely or have a look at the core of the game and find the right vision for it. I chose the harder road.

I'm not ragging on you it's just we went in blind and with n9 explanation that annoyed me the minigames are fun though in my opinion why not have it be optional

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I don't understand how to pass it. Can you explain in detail step by step here so if another person like me show up, they can read it here. Might avoid them from uninstall and insult the game. Please

Lo estoy jugando desde el celular, pero no logro pasar de la misión del láser. No sé si pueden dar un consejo, porque solo aparece la x roja, y ya trate dando clic a los cuadros vacíos.

Once i download it, its a zipped folder, where do I un-zip it too?

On the main drive you play games on. It's called a Hard Disk location just as Windows Installer has the C:// address for the software. The D:// with a new folder called Games.

I want to get beyond the laser mission, and I don't know how. 

And I tried all the ways and i clicked the boxes that the arrow indicates, but it's useless.


The square to click on are 4x4 sections of the grid.  Follow the arrows with your eyes, starting at the glowing arrow.  If your eyes travel to another arrow, follow the new line with your eyes until you get to open space next to a wall.  Click in the spot and if you chose the correct 4x4 section, it will light up green and the rest will make more sense.

thank you

i'm playing on the android version and i can't get past the laser training, i don't know what i have to do i already clicked everything but  Nothing works , is there anyone who can help me? 


you need to click on the empty square the arrows point towards


Will there be an option for Pregnancy?


Whatever the story tends to lean on, while I do have control, any aspect can change inside the story.
In the broad theme is they're spy-life, a spy can't have a normal relationship with a civilian or a fellow coworker.
I keep in mind these things when I'm writing general ideas and even late story aspects can't happen if the character has other goals.

Hey SoulReaver like the concept of you game, but the laser mini game need more detail all I see a yellow arrow  pointing to another arrow and so on . So with anyone with a half a mind knows to click on the arrow that the glowing one was pointing to but other that getting another glowing arrow we get a big red x.  So me and Im sure everyone else started to spam click all the arrow and every grid squre to only get a red x, so the lazer mini game needs work. But keep up the good work I really want to see how this game going to play out.


agreed ill work on it to either be more clear or change some rules for the arrows to appear after you click the main one ill play test it to see how well it goes.


How do you win in the laser minigame?


Follow where the arrows are pointing until you reach the arrow where it points at a wall, then click two blocks away from the wall if I remember it's always left from the top middle arrow. Hope I helped

How do you increase agility? 😂

the laser minigame

I want to go beyond the laser phase, and I don't know 

how you can help me. 

you don't need to click on the arrows, you follow them till it hits the wall.

أريد أن أتجاوز مرحلة الليزر ، ولا أعرف 

كيف يمكنك مساعدتي. 

Looks great, but I'm not sure how often it updates or if i'll be notified if it does.

There are links to other sites for notifications. This page host the public build of Totally Moonlighting Much 


I get stuck at first could you help me please 

I'm more active in discord


so what is this?

Kinda looks like the hentai ben10 game under development which I have played. Have no plans on playing yet, but I think this'll be good.

does it have any sex scenes

eventually while dating Clover she can't help herself.

hey i just found this and it looks like a really cool idea, i will stay tuned, keep up the good work man, plot development is a very good start


Does it have sex scenes?

any Mind control content?


not yet and not really the main part it's just like the show situational based  moving the plot forward.
Ex: A villain is using mind control on the president making him spend his personal funds.


Disapointing but understandable,  Sam getting brainwashed every week was the reason why I got into the show in the first place but I understand how it doesn't fit into game design.

Soo any plans to add another spies or two in the game?

hmm I have many choices, I could add Britney and Alex becomes all jealous, I could add Mandy , Dominique and Caitlin I could even add the old Spies that Jerry hired before Alex, Sam and Clover. Will see in the future if all of the choices start adding up.


you can also add their mothers

Any crossover with Miraculous Ladybug? Characters?

Impossible I only see either some obscure spy characters or other shows like Martin Mystery or Team Galaxy


it can be a character as a show reference. 


Look it's about spies not super heroes.

i just want to say that ive played a playstation game with these characters  i have no idea about the games name. k bye

How do I start mission 2? I keep clicking on the missions in the mission map but it just keeps exiting to the office.

new update has been added and now you should be able to start the event by winning with each girl the laser minigame


this game sucks.


alright what do you want to have? Please be mindful it's still in development. I would gladly tell what the road map is.


The game hasn't even really started yet. We've just gotten through the intro. It's way too early to judge whether the game is good or not.

Personally though, I find the writing so far to be great and a promising sign of  what's to come. Very self aware and entertaining.


how about next time try to figure out stuff out first  u can clearly see this is just a intro or a demo so more then normal the content it has. I havent played it yet i dont normally play the 1st version of the games but for the images looks decent to be a game. Saying the game sucks on 1st version means or either u didnt play the game or u simply are a duch trying to give bad feedback.